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A female Doctor or nurse with a senior man wearing masks. They are elbow bumping

Surviving a Pandemic

Posted by NAHA Health on  February 25, 2021
Category: Healthcare
Let’s talk about the tools you have to get you through this pandemic safe and sound! When I was a young girl my father, Dr. Mann, took me along on his home visits. He was
There are 3 faces. Happy, sad and indifferent. A person's finger is pointing to happy face

Sprinkle Joy! It’s Good for Your Heart

Posted by NAHA Health on  February 18, 2021
Category: Health
Happiness is Heart Healthy! February is Heart Month, or as I like to call it, give your pet a smooch month! It is important to do what makes your heart sing today!… Happiness is the
A pair of holding hands. One elderly hand and younger hands
Have you ever had a medical experience where you felt rushed, or like you were just another number on a doctor’s list of things to do today? That is not us. That is not me…