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A young family of four walking in the street. They are all smiling and facing towards the camera

Laugh, It’s Good For Your Health!

Posted by NAHA Health on  April 27, 2021
Category: Mental Health
The past year triggered anxiety or a feeling of hopelessness in most of us at some point. When you have the added stress which often accompanies chronic illness, your mental health often suffers. Maybe
A dog's paw is touching a human hand

Puppy Love

Posted by NAHA Health on  April 23, 2021
Category: Mental Health
I basically live in a zoo. And I love it! They need me and I need them. Each one has their own distinct personality and own needs. I basically live in a zoo. I
Middle age couple sitting together at home laughing and staring at each other in their kitchen.

The State of Your Heart

Posted by NAHA Health on  April 14, 2021
Category: Mental Health
“Success in your romantic relationship affects every other area of your life.” Research has linked relationship stress and divorce to physical and mental health problems, parenting problems, occupational problems, financial problems and more. The
a women who looks sad is staring out of a window

Spin Cycle

Posted by NAHA Health on  April 2, 2021
Category: Mental Health
Have you found yourself caught in a spin cycle of anxiety? Worried about family, work, health and current events? Does one negative thought lead to another and then another, compounding your overall stress? Or
a female doctor is holding the hand of an elderly patient

Tribute to a Country Doctor

Posted by NAHA Health on  March 30, 2021
Category: Healthcare
NAHA Health’s focus is on fully integrated holistic individualized healthcare education and management. What is managed healthcare without the Doctor? It would be non-existent. Today, on National Doctor’s Day, I would like you to