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Female Neighbor Helping Senior Woman by bringing her food and groceries to her door
Depression can affect anyone. It can be triggered easily and unexpectedly. Some triggers include grief and loss, stress, illness, poor sleeping, financial struggles, and isolation. Learning how to cope… Depression can
A group of men and women exercising in a workout class
Why should I exercise? That’s a great question! Exercise is an important benefit for your mental health. Research consistently shows that exercise can reduce symptoms of depression and help people feel
Smiling young couple relaxing and looking at cellphone after spring-clean apartment, sitting on floor with lots of detergents and cleaning supplies around them

Spring Detox – For Your Home!

Posted by NAHA Health on  May 20, 2021
Category: Mental Health
There are some things that are not only good for you physically, but also affect your mental wellbeing. There’s the obvious things exercise and eating well, but doctors are now saying
Cheerful woman listening to music and dancing on couch at home in living room

Leaving Behind Negativity

Posted by NAHA Health on  May 14, 2021
Category: Mental Health
It’s easy to become entrapped in a cycle of negativity. Negative thoughts and energy, just like positive thoughts and energy, are literally contagious and they multiply. But any cycle of negativity
Two elderly females posing in kitchen. They are smiling and preparing a healthy meal together,

Self-care for 2!

Posted by NAHA Health on  May 12, 2021
Category: Health
Self-care has traditionally been something quiet you do for yourself to relieve stress and calm your mind. But what if you tried some self-care with a friend? The pandemic has been