NAHA Health is here to help during COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19
If COVID-19 has been the sucker punch your business didn’t need this past year, NAHA Health is here to help your business thrive with healthy, employees who feel safe in your environment. If COVID-19
A woman is holding a dark Blue Ribbon for supporting awareness for Colorectal Cancer

Can We Chat About Something Uncomfortable?

Posted by NAHA Health on  March 4, 2021
Category: Awareness
Colorectal Cancer is the third most common cancer in the US, and the second leading cause of death by cancer! It steals approximately 150,000 lives a year, let’s fight this cancer together. Colorectal Cancer
A female Doctor or nurse with a senior man wearing masks. They are elbow bumping

Surviving a Pandemic

Posted by NAHA Health on  February 25, 2021
Category: Healthcare
Let’s talk about the tools you have to get you through this pandemic safe and sound! When I was a young girl my father, Dr. Mann, took me along on his home visits. He
There are 3 faces. Happy, sad and indifferent. A person's finger is pointing to happy face

Sprinkle Joy! It’s Good for Your Heart

Posted by NAHA Health on  February 18, 2021
Category: Health
Happiness is Heart Healthy! February is Heart Month, or as I like to call it, give your pet a smooch month! It is important to do what makes your heart sing today!… Happiness is
A pair of holding hands. One elderly hand and younger hands
Have you ever had a medical experience where you felt rushed, or like you were just another number on a doctor’s list of things to do today? That is not us. That is not