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Happiness is Heart Healthy! February is Heart Month, or as I like to call it, give your pet a smooch month! It is important to do what makes your heart sing today!…

Happiness is the highest form of health.
Dalai Lama

February is Heart Month, or as I like to call it, give your pet a smooch month! It’s a given, pets help reduce anxiety and generally help us live longer more fulfilling lives. I have a pack of 6 dogs who I love and adore to the moon! I love every one of their unique personalities. I find there is nothing more joyful than watching a dog just be who they were meant to be. Running, wrestling, piling on top of each other to sleep.. I’m such a sucker for those sweet faces, and those puppy kisses. They love me through all the ups and downs of life. They bring an infinite amount of joy to my life.

What makes you happy? Have you ever taken the time to really think of it? Whatever your current situation is, I challenge you to write a list of things that make your heart sing. Things currently attainable for you. Keep your list somewhere you can see it regularly and then do more of those things! Maybe watching a sunrise lifts your spirits, maybe it’s reading or having a healthy smoothie. Maybe it’s Starbucks coffee, or chatting with a friend. Simple things you can incorporate into your daily life that make you happy. If you are dealing with a chronic disease, it helps to remember all the things you can do and focus on those, especially the things that are meaningful to you.The more joy you can sprinkle into your life the lower your anxiety will be. Laugh, sing, move! Make happiness a priority. It’s not frivolous, it’s as necessary to your health as eating a good diet is. Joy is so powerful; it lowers your anxiety and increases your overall health. It heals our broken hearts and makes our souls shine.

Please! Share with us what it is that makes your heart skip with happiness! We’d love to hear your stories, and maybe you’ll inspire someone else with your ideas.

Goodwill and good health, one life at a time,

Dr Bobbie