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What could be better than sleeping under the stars? Well, for your health, it might be as simple as sleeping with the windows open.…

“The sight of stars makes me dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

What could be better than sleeping under the stars? Well, for your health, it might be as simple as sleeping with the windows open.

A little fresh air can cleanse the soul. But did you know it’s also cleansing your lungs? It even strengthens the immune system. It makes sense that a deep breath of fresh air would help your heart rate, but who would have thought it can also help purify your blood?

We love our air conditioners, especially this time of year, but letting a little fresh air into your home is also healthy. It cleans out the toxins that may have built up inside, like tobacco smoke or carbon dioxide. Scientists are even studying the effects that fresh air can have on relaxation – and with good reason!

You likely already know what it’s like to experience a cool breeze on your face, hair blowing, drinking it all in… It immediately improves your mood and you feel yourself letting go of all of that stress and worry. Now imagine 8 hours of that.

A recent study in the Netherlands, according to the Wall Street Journal, showed that, over five nights, participants slept better with windows open. The study attributed this healthy benefit to lowering the carbon dioxide levels that can be found in every home. Opening the doors and windows can clear them out and help improve health.

But certainly the soft sounds of crickets chirping, the leaves rustling in the trees, or — depending on your location — the cars rushing along the freeway like waves crashing on the beach (or not!) can be soothing sounds that help you drift off into an easy slumber.

Many studies show that it is easier to fall asleep in cooler temperatures, and for many of us, what’s better than piling on a bunch of blankets to snuggle up in? It’s just one more delightful reason to sleep with the windows open well into Fall and possibly even Winter, depending on your location.

Breathing in a deep gulp of air is providing fuel to every cell in your body. The fresher that air is, the cleaner that “fuel” will be. Cells are often considered the “building blocks” that put us together. You certainly want them to be as strong and healthy as they can be!

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention actually recommended opening windows at home, in schools, restaurants and at workplaces to help clear the air of possible disease particles and increase ventilation. It couldn’t hurt, right?

A nice alternative to opening the windows, is getting an air purifier or humidifier which can help improve indoor air quality while you sleep. It’s a less appealing, but realistic alternative for when you can’t soak in the cool, cool air.

Because, of course, as Webmd reminds us, not all bedrooms are equal. If you suffer allergies, or live in a big, smoggy city, you may want to rethink open windows, but for the rest of us, ahhhh…. aren’t you just drifting off already?

Of course, if you actually want to sleep under the stars, we have some killer suggestions that will also surely improve your sleep quality and your health!

  • Enjoy the Northern lights in a glass igloo in Finland.
  • Admire the stars from a Mongolian Yurt powered by solar panels.
  • Be lulled to sleep in a bubble room amid the fragrant gardens of a Sicilian urban farm.
  • Doze under the incredible light show of the aurora borealis in Tok, Alaska.