NAHA Health is here to help during COVID-19

Are you as pandemic weary as we are? This past year has been difficult on all of us. You’re not alone if you are feeling lonely, stressed, and anxious. But vaccines are starting to bring our world to a new and brighter reality!
As we wait for the vaccines to reach everyone, there are a few things we can do to help us make it through the homestretch and make the waiting more tolerable.

Stay Structured.

We’ve all had to learn new ways to work and live under pandemic rules. You may have had a very structured schedule before the pandemic that got lost during all the home-time you’ve recently had. One of the best ways to stay mentally healthy is to stay structured. No matter your current situation, you can create a routine that works for you. Think about set times to wake up and fall asleep, times to start and stop work. And don’t forget to work in time for the things that bring you joy. Maybe that looks like family time, healthy cooking, or something creative you like to do. Making time for daily joy is important to building a happy and productive lifestyle.

Stay Active.

Whatever that looks like for you. Movement releases “happy hormones”, which improve your mood, and who doesn’t love that? Even 5-10 minutes of exercise or stretching helps lift your mood, even better if you can schedule movement in several times a day. As you move, think about how moving feels in your muscles, become more aware of your body and what it needs to feel good.

Stay Connected.

Humans are wired needing and wanting to make connections with each other. None of us are islands. Schedule time to phone, video or safely see the people you love. Messages and texts are a wonderful way to keep in touch, but we all need to see our tribes and hear their beautiful voices. Start planning! What are your dreams for when pandemic restrictions are lifted? A good list or vision board is a great way to keep hopeful for the things you look forward to.

We’re almost there! A couple of lifestyle tweaks can help you make it through the pandemic homestretch!

Dr. Becky Antle
Chief Medical Officer-BHI